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  • Jan 11, 2013 ... As Facebook builds its ads business and gives advertisers more ways to reach different audiences, a new lexicon has emerged. The social network has invented terms like Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads and Promoted Posts, but it doesn't always explain them or maintain consistent usage over time, ... • Found on Google
  • Did anybody think social media companies would make their user base available free of charge forever? Facebook now has more than 1 billion monthly users, some 618 million daily users, and 680 million mobile users. Although the company was once widely criticized for failing to monetize its user base, its practices have ... • Found on Google
  • Aug 5, 2014 ... This always-up-to-date beginner's guide to Facebook advertising will help you select the right types of Ads for your business. ... Though users are told it's a sponsored update with a disclaimer saying “Sponsored,” the posts still seem genuine since they can be liked and commented on like any other post. • Found on Google
  • There are several ad options under marketplace ads: Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads, Facebook Object and External-Website Ads. Learn about them at Qwaya. • Found on Google
  • May 5, 2014 ... Are you confused by Facebook's advertising options? Do you know when you should use boost posts vs. promoted posts? Understanding the similarities and differences between boost and promoted posts helps you make better budget decisions. In this article you'll discover the differences between the ... • Found on Google
  • Jun 3, 2013 ... If you create Facebook Sponsored Stories, you are undoubtedly running highly effective and relevant advertising while saving yourself time and money. If you aren't, well… you aren't. You're undoubtedly wasting that valuable aforementioned time and money. No one wants that. The “Sponsored Story” is an ... • Found on Google
  • Dec 21, 2017 ... After getting dragged around the time of the general election, Facebook has spent much of this year taking steps to combat the spread of misinformation on its site. Transparency has been a staple of its mission, and so it's kept the public up to date with all the features and experiments it's juggling. One of ... • Found on Google
  • Dec 18, 2017 ... A lot of crap gets shared on Facebook, but coming soon the volume may be a little less after Facebook made a move to penalize content that shamelessly begs people for engagement. The social network giant said today that it will penalize Page owners and people who resort to “engagement bait,” which ... • Found on Google
  • Oct 30, 2017 ... SAN FRANCISCO — As many as 126 million people — or one-third the U.S. population — may have seen material posted by a Russian troll farm under fake Facebook identities between 2015 and 2017, according to testimony presented by Facebook's general counsel at a hearing before the Senate on ... • Found on Google
  • Apr 12, 2016 ... Facebook launched its Messenger chatbot platform today, but how will it make money on it? By charging businesses to send re-engagement messages to people who've already voluntarily started a conversation with them. These “Sponsored Messages” are currently in testing, with a small test of advertisers ... • Found on Google
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